Monday, May 16, 2011

attitude or reality- thinking about the second reading

I like reading stories and novels, especially reading those without pointlessly long and dull over detailed description. For the last reading assignment, I was a little bit confused because of the complicated story line. But I like the story itself for its dramatic. I like the writing style of Zadie Smith. It’s pretty sharp and clear which is not like other female authors’ words are excessively sentimental.

The story Mrs. Begum’s Son and the Private Tutor is a sad story which express not only the conflict between a mall social group and the main stream people but also the different attitude people face it. Magid, the main character, is absolutely a special kid. He is gifted in language anf has unique perspective toward world. But his life is totally controlled by other people. We can tell it from the title of the story: It said Mrs. Begum’s son instead of Magid because Magid’s live is mostly controlled by his mom. He can’t live like other kids and his talent can not be recognized because of his mother’s misunderstanding. (she thought he is good at science) Those factors already decided Magid can not be a great person even he is talented.

But I think the failed in Magid is not only because of his reason, it’s also about the society. Magid opinion is great but too ideal. In reality, people in the community experienced unfair and indignity. Although people all have a dream that the country can be as Magid said, but they all feel like the same way with Mark. This conflict finally caused the violence.

Although some part of the story still confused me, like why Magid became a ordinary student but failed to stay in the communist, I think this story is sharp enough to show us the huge gap between classes in UK.

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