Wednesday, June 29, 2011

First impression of oxford

It's a little bit late to post my first blog in oxford, but I'm trying to adjust my time as British time here but still feel quite sleepy everyday.
My journey to oxford was totally not a good experience. My first flight's delaying influenced my whole trip. When I was walking around the town trying to get a taxi, I surprisingly found that there are a lot of foreigners in Oxford. And the taxi driver told me most of the students in Oxford are from other countries because only few British people can afford the expensive tuition. I like that people around world came to this small town just for its academic and history reasons. Then I finally found the EF Language school and get my living place for the next few days.
This is the house I live in. It's a cute British style old house with a small playground behind it.
The front door has a narrow hall which reminds me of the country houses I read from Jane Austen's novel.

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