Sunday, July 10, 2011

My relaxing weekend in Oxford.

It's a long weekend since we didn't have any plan in Friday.In Thursday afternoon, I went to London for Harry Potter Premiere. Since this is the last movie also the last premiere, there were a lot of fans waiting for days for this event. We went to London by bus and then transfer to tube. My first impression about London is horrible traffic. But it also gave us time to look around the city. Unlike Oxford, London has modern skyscrapers and classic old plaza standing together. It like the bigger size of Oxford, no matter in terms of city appearance or in terms of population.

I was really far from the stage in the premiere because there were so many people and guards tried to keep people stay as far from the main place as possible.We only saw Emma and some actors but missed Daniel and Rupert.

This weekend I didn't want to be so tired so I just stayed in Oxford and looked around the town. I went to Pitts River Museum today and St. Mary's Church. There was a Choral Evensong event in the church. Since I took the choir class last quarter and learned some church songs, I really want to experience the real church music performance. It was a gorgeous performance since those singers are really professional and they did really sing with their hearts. Compare to the music I learned in the class, the songs they sang are more like conversation with Jesus. With the special sounds of pipe organ, my mind became blank and pure in the choir's voice. Afterwards, by Chuck's reminder, I realized that there were some important people buried underneath the church. Check the ground, there were some irregular stones showed that body buried underneath. It's incredible and I feel really weird and unrealistic. But then think more about this fact, I feel scary on the other hand.

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