Sunday, July 31, 2011

Han's adventure to Edinburgh

    Before I came to England, I always get confused by Scotland, England, Greenland and Ireland or other land. I thought they are not much different since they are in the same country. I know so few things about them and the only impression about Scotland is from the movie Brave Heart. And since I was young back to that time, I only remember the endless meadow and loud Scottish warriors.
    After I came to England I still hardly hear anything about Scotland. Last weekend, I went to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, with other three friends. We took Rail from Oxford to Edinburgh and transfer by Birmingham. It's a six-hour trip but I didn't feel it was a long trip at all since the scenery beside train track is so beautiful and adorable I can never be tired of it.
Went out from the Edinburgh Train station, the first thing I saw was the fragrant and huge Medieval Cathedral. Its dark sharp top points to the sky straightly. When I was still in astonishment of that cathedral when walking, the entire city exhibited its historical and mystery appearance which gave me such a blast. Not only that huge cathedral, but also hundreds of fabulous medieval buildings spread out throughout every street in the city, which made me feel like I was walking in the medieval European street. But the city itself is not out-dated by maintaining those ancient architectures. Its modern shopping malls and smart-looking residents insert energy into this city.

Although I only went to one city in Scotland, I can feel the obvious difference between it and England. If we image England as a calm and authorized gentleman, Scotland can be a hosting and warmhearted famer. I can hear sprightly Scottish music almost everywhere I went. I dragged my luggage to the guest house I booked. It’s a cute flowery hotel owed by a nice Indian man who graduated from a royal college. That may be the reason he like to offer guests really fancy breakfast. After settled down, I looked forward to the tour the next day.

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