Monday, August 1, 2011

Han's adventure to Edinburgh Part 2

The second day in Scotland I woke up early to enjoy my Scottish full breakfast and start my tour in that fabulous city. The first place to see is Edinburgh Castle. The castle is owned by Queen Elisabeth but no longer be used by her. It built in a highest point in the city so the ancient governor can overtaken the whole city and look for enemy. The castle experienced a lot of wars and finally survived and become the property of England. But it originally belongs to Scottish royal family. It seems that Scottish people struggled hundreds of years to defend their country from England. But actually nowadays, even Scotland is considered as part of UK. Scottish people still have really strong country belonging and consider Scotland as a country.
         The castle itself is incredible and really spectacular. It maintains the oldest church in England which was owned by Queen Mary back time. In the museum in the castle, people have the honor to have a look of the “treasure of Scotland”. In the old time when England and Scotland had war, England tried to grab those three treasures from Scotland to show the power. However, even Scotland was in disadvantage at that time, Scottish people still tried to defend it with their lives. They sent the treasures out from castle the night before they crashed by England army. The treasure didn’t send back to the castle until Scotland and England came out with peace.
    I was so lucky because in the three days I stayed in Scotland Queen Elisabeth was there and would give a speech at that afternoon. I went to the ceremony just to see the elegant British queen. Besides that, I’m interested in the costume witch Scottish army wear during the ceremony. They wore tall hat which pretty much the same but a little bit wilder than English policeman wear. The most special thing is they wear Scottish skirt and socks. That’s the first time I see man wear skirt. However, I didn’t feel they are sissy or weird, on the other hand, that’s their feature and they are proud of that.
    Moreover, I used to think there is no British food in this world because English people always eat Indian food, Italian food or Chinese food. But In Scotland, they have their own cuisine. Their food mostly made by lamp or beef. And they like to have a little bit whisky when eating.

   Time in Scotland passed by extremely quickly. I like this peace land and the harry atmosphere there. It like the Share in the lord of the rings.

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