Monday, August 1, 2011

British palace: Churchill's garden

    Several weeks ago, by professor’s recommend, I went to Blenheim Palace which is owed by Churchill family since long time ago.
    Palace is a huge British style palace stands there for almost a thousand years. I finally have a look of British style gardens which I learned from architecture class. The size of the palace is amazing. The entrance of the palace is an open-view meadow which leads to the main gate of halls. It’s a long way and guest can have lots of fun just look around. The architecture itself is not very surprising, but the room decoration fully shows how rich Churchill family is. There are lots of treasures and art works in every single room. There is a Churchill museum that introduces Churchill’s whole life. Churchill surprised me that he was born in a wealthy family but still studied really hard and practiced himself a lot. He is the hero of Britain because of his braveness and dignity. He is also a really outstanding speaker who obtains more than 20,000 vocal vocabularies, which is rare.

    Blenheim Palace maintains lots of theme parks and gardens including Rose Garden, Italian Garden and Secret Garden. Those garden and lakes form a big area of quit and separate place for royal families to avoid noise and crowds. Nowadays, the palace provides people a elegant area for leisure time walking.

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